Can I Get Car Insurance for One Day

one day car insurancePurchasing a car insurance policy for one day can seem a bit strange.

If you are not a typical driver, you may wonder why being insured is essential if you are only going to borrow a friend’s car or perhaps drive a vehicle to the airport before the holiday.

However, most motorists know that accidents are always possible, and if you need a car for a brief period, you may be in a higher-risk situation to start with.

If you’re renting a car or borrowing from somebody else, it is a mistake to automatically assume the same policy covers you like the owner of the vehicle. Or to believe that policy will cover all you need in the event of an accident. For many short-term motorists, a temporary insurance coverage of their own is the solution.

One reason that you may want to drive for one day would be to move belongings from one house to another. Maybe your son or daughter is going away to college, and while it isn’t convenient for them to maintain a vehicle, you want some way to transfer their things to campus. Driving an unfamiliar truck to an unknown place can raise your chance of making a mistake, particularly when the vehicle is full of boxes or furniture. Whether you’ve got the appropriate insurance plan to drive a van or moving truck is a wise thing to consider before you begin packing.

Autos for Vacationers

Lots of people rent a car on holiday for one day from their trip. Perhaps they need a ride to the airport or another area. Again, driving a vehicle in an unfamiliar setting can be dangerous, especially once you’ve got your family along for the ride. Temporary auto insurance is extra beneficial once you’re crossing state lines, too, because even if you already have a car insurance policy, it may not cover all of the requirements of where you are going to.


Teenagers that are preparing to take the driving test require a vehicle to do it in, right? And many do not have one, however. When your teenager is not covered under your insurance plan, a one-day policy will help them manage to take their driving test safely and lawfully. It may be somewhat more costly to include a minor, but it is a fantastic way to get them ready for what is needed to be a responsible driver. Before you commit them to a longer-term coverage on your policy.

Shopping for New Car

Shopping for a New Car? If you are taking a long test drive of a vehicle, or if you’ve got a new car and you will need to get it home a temporary car insurance plan can be really valuable. Don’t take risks with your new investment. You may even get a policy that covers a week or two while you shop around for the best long-term policy to cover your type of vehicle. It is important not to forget it’s illegal to drive without insurance and the costs for those tickets rise all of the time dramatically.

Car Insurance Policies

If you are not driving your vehicle, there is no way to fix the problem if you get pulled over or in an accident you will just be paying plenty of money. A lot of car insurance policies will not cover you when you’re driving someone else’s car, or when somebody else is driving yours. That is why, for a select group of individuals, one-day insurance is a way to be safe instead of sorry.